Welcome to Modern Benghazi International School

is distinguished from others by its ability to develop a high-quality educational program
that provides educational services to students from the foundation stage until the end of the secondary stage

Modern Benghazi international school educates and trains its students

To acquire the latest skills required by their professional future. Our education simulates the requirements and capabilities of each of our students, which gives them the feeling of belonging to a family that cares about the health of their growth in a safe scientific environment and in return increases scientific production and enhances intellectual performance.

مرحلة رياض الأطفال
KG School

مرحلة <span>رياض الأطفال</span> <br> KG School

المرحلة الابتدائية

المرحلة <span>الابتدائية</span> <br>Elementary

المرحلة الإعدادية
Middle School

المرحلة  <span>الإعدادية</span> <br>Middle School

المرحلة الثانوية
High School

المرحلة <span>الثانوية</span> <br>High School
About us
About us

Why us?

Modern Benghazi international school provides high academic criteria for international education which align with the global educational core.
Our school offers a healthy environment for the students to participate in their community nationally and internationally. We always work to improve the quality of our school by including the parents, the students, and the community in the educational process to ensure that we are in the right path.
Our school buildings are well-prepared and equipped with scientific equipment, computer laboratories, music, and art to support the advanced curriculum.
Benghazi Modern International School is keen to develop students' social life by holding clubs, activities, and events inside and outside the school, which enhances the social activities and .
Our students began their educational journey as young learners to become aware and responsible individuals.
Our educational approach is different.
We recognize that each student has unique learning method; therefore, our approach is to fit the different needs in order to reach the academic goals for all students

Technology and facilities available

The building was constructed to meet the latest principles of educational design with a lot of facilities and distinctive facilities including an open-air theater, drawing room and classrooms with our support for the latest educational technology. Our students get digital learning through the use of information and communication technology within a laboratory with distinctive equipment, with It provides a library containing a large number of distinctive books, and the school also includes outdoor sports facilities, a spacious courtyard where it was built to meet all the student’s educational requirements.


Modern Benghazi international school in Benghazi provides educational services to the students from the foundation stage to the end of the secondary stage

Our school use an international curriculum approved from Cambridge University.
Our curriculum is suitable for domestic and international learners based on global standards.
We realize that learning does not happen in the classroom only, but through additional activities including sports, music and interaction with others at all levels, locally, regionalyl and internationally. We are always looking to provide additional opportunities for our students to enhance their learning, such as field trips, conferences, and international visits.
We firmly believe that education is a tripartite partnership between students, parents and teachers.
We are committed to fostering distinguished and constructive relationships with parents to ensure the best support for our children.
We are proud to be one of the first international schools in Benghazi.

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Modern Benghazi International School works on caring for and developing school activities because of its important role in building the child's personality


Learning is a lifelong process that everyone can benefit from The growth and development of employees is crucial to obtaining educational excellence .. A positive environment is necessary to enhance the self-confidence of the student, and a safe environment is the basis for improving and learning new skills. Students learn by doing and thus there are frequent opportunities for interaction and participation must be provided for it


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Educational messages

Modern Benghazi International School seeks to inculcate the educational aspects in the souls of its male and female students by directing them to high etiquette and morals